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About Windsor Montessori

Windsor Montessori School and the Windsor Montessori House of Children were started through a passion and a commitment to foster love of learning and to prepare children to be motivated, confident and independent life long learners.

We are two unique small privately owned organisations, providing care and education, for a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 30 children in each settings. We take a pride in our uniqueness, and have done so for the last 40 years.

Montessori education, should not be seen as a system of education for the privileged. It must be accessible to every child. Therefore we have made the Windsor Montessori School in the Home Park Windsor a FREE SCHOOL, operated only with the funded 15 hour universal and the 30 hour extended nursery grant given by the government for early education.

We are now able to offer this unique system of education for parents who are genuingly interested in educating their children in this method of education, but who are unable to pay for their child's education due to their low income.  

We offer education and care from the age of 2 years, and up to the term of their fifth birthday. This will enable the child to complete the cycle of Montessori curriculum  linked to the EYFS, until the end of the reception year.

Our focus is on small classes sizes, providing a warm, loving, caring, stimulating and a holistic Montessori environment to support infants, toddlers, preschool and reception age children.The Montessori curriculum we provide complies with the Early Years Foundation Stage from birth to five and beyond, with consideration given to the individuality of each child.

We follow the tenets of Dr. Maria Montessori by offering a child-centered and a multi sensory environment. The curriculum and the teachers role are carefully designed to respect  self-spaced growth, while encouraging group awareness, social cooperation and positive self-discipline.

One of the greatest strengths of the two schools are the teachers. Highly trained, qualified and experienced, who have served for many years.They are individuals, who have made a professional commitment to their vocation, and who are prepared to further their professional knowledge.

The head of school for both settings, Menik Ellawala, still leads and support the staff, children and the parents. She opened the Windsor Montessori School, at the request of a few parents from Windsor. This was the first Montessori school in Berkshire.

Together we take a personal interest, in our children and their parents. We see education as much more than simply doing day to day activities. Education is regard as education for life. We dedicate ourselves to form the foundation of a caring community, in which children develop and learn to become responsible, loving human beings. 


Windsor Montessori School      FREE 15 HOURS AND 30 HOURS MONTESSORI EDUCATION. 

 The first Montessori School  to be opened in Berkshire in 1980. WMS is located at the foot of the Windsor Castle in the Home Park.

Windsor Montessori School accepts children from 2 years to 6 years.

Should parents be interested in continuing with their child's Montessori education, up to the age of 9, they will be able to do so by joining the Montessori Elementary class in Windsor. 

WMS is a term time only school opened from 9.00am to 3.00pm. We provide an after school club from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm, should  parents want their children to stay for longer hours at the school. 

Atfter a very successful summer school this summer 2020, to support the parents working from home, due to Corvid 19, at the request of the parents we will be now continuing the summer school during the summer holidays.


Windsor Montessori House of Children

Opened in 1915, with the support of the Crown Estate, we support working parents, in providing an year round service. We provide three specially prepared environments appropriate to each age groups from 3 months to 5 years, covering the Early Years Foundation Stage up to the end of the reception year.

WMHO is opened for 51 weeks of the year from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, and is a fee paying school.


Our mission

  • Our mission is to educate the whole child. We believe that the aim of education is to aid the natural process of development within each individual, through a holistic education.
  • We support children to be independent learners, develop respect for self and others, and to become caring, socially responsible citizens of their community and the world.
  • We encourage self confidence, belief in their own ability and self motivation, our holistic approach support each child with a solid foundation for his/her later life by helping the child to develop into a happy, well rounded, responsible and a fulfilled person.
  • We are committed to provide every child in our care a rich, holistic enjoyable experience of learning and developing to their full potential from a very young age.
  • We believe that all children should feel valued and confident and should be cared in a warm and loving environment. We will work with parents at all stages of the child's education and care to ensure our principles are put into practice.


Equality and diversity

  • We are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for every child in our care and ensure that all children develop self confidence and high self esteem whilst recognizing and valuing differences between themselves and others.
  • We aim to meet the needs of each child as an individual regardless of difference and diversity.
  • We aim to demonstrate through its work that it positively values and respects children of all ethnic origins/racial groups, religions, cultural, linguistic backgrounds and abilities and disabilities.
  • We are an inclusive school and we believe that our differences are an asset. Our students, parents and staff members represents many cultures and nations. We take a pride in individual differences.
  • All children will be valued and their abilities/disabilities, languages recognized and respected. Children of both sexes are positively encouraged to participate  in all activities.  








  • Menik Ellawala, Director of Windsor Montessori

“ The Montessori method of education was introduced to Windsor in 1980 by myself, at the request of four parents. Thirty plus years later I have embarked on a challenging mission, to carry forward Dr Maria Montessori’s holistic vision of providing an aid to life, from infancy, with the support of the Crown Estate.

My passion for what I do and the vision I always had, has now become a true reality with the support of the Windsor Estate team, who are working tirelessly, to make this venture a successful asset for the Crown Estate, and for the parents and their children in Windsor and the surrounding areas.

This lovely, Excellent, safe building, coupled with the school in the Windsor Home Park, in two beautiful locations, gives me the opportunity of support children from birth to six years, to become confident, independent and self motivated learners for life.

Windsor Montessori House of Children is privileged to be a tenant of the Crown Estate. They have provided this wonderful opportunity for me, to fulfil my dream, to carry forward the legacy of Dr Maria Montessori, an education system that has successfully filtered into every corner of the world since 1907”.