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The Nido (Nest) birth to 18 months

From birth to 18 months, the infant programme must concentrate on the significant and the natural need for movement. There should be plenty of room to turn, sit, crawl, stand and finally to be able to walk. Movement brings your child in touch with the environment. By moving, touching, smelling and listening he /she begins to understand the world.  Movements connects ,the child’s body and brain. The most important tool for learning. ‘Embodied cognition’.

Another important aspect at this stage of development is communication. Babies hear from the moment they are born, and they take in everything they hear.  Therefore the best companion in a child’s life at this stage is the loving, caring, nurturing caregiver. The parent at home and the child’s Key Person at the nursery.

The NIDO the nest as we call is the prepared environment, in our nursery to support the infant with movement, communication and emotional development, through positive caring and nurturing interaction with the Key person.

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